by Rick Reid

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All songs written, performed and recorded by Rick Reid (SOCAN). Mastered by Jesse Gander at the Hive Studios in Vancouver, Canada. Recorded in bedrooms, basements and living rooms in Edmonton, Montreal and Franktown Studios (Montreal, QC). Matt Leddy played guitar on Blue Below and guitar and organ on Clean 30. Anastasia Reid sang and made cat sounds on Christmas in E-Town. Special thanks to Jesse Gander for his sonic expertise and for making this album sound better than it should. Thanks to the City Streets, my family and friends. This album is for Edmonton.


released February 28, 2011

2011 Clamour Records.
Mixed by Rick Reid.
Mastered by Jesse Gander at Hive Creative Labs (Vancouver, Canada)



all rights reserved


Rick Reid Victoria, British Columbia

Songwriter, musician, singer, member of Eternal Husbands, The City Streets and Half Cut, dad, husband, film enthusiast, voracious reader, vegan, Chomsky devotee living in Victoria, Canada.

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Track Name: Why So Bleak?
Why so Bleak?

I know we’re sailing in sea of shit
We can’t see the future that’s why we won’t give up yet
French girls don’t wear helmets when they ride their bikes
They want fire when they ask, ‘you got a light?’

This world of darkness
Barely a chance
So much beauty
In these trembling hands

Promise me every longing
And then make me wait
For some broken salvation
A dark interstate

French girls don’t care about your pretty lies
Vanity is emptiness’ favorite disguise

This holy terror preys on the weak
Kill off the good guys
Oh, why so bleak
Track Name: The Ruins
The Ruins

The edifice has crumbled the nightmare has begun
What’s sinister is everywhere that which we cannot overcome
We foraged for salvageable parts amongst all this abandonment
We turn it up loud we don’t know where they all went

The people we loved are somewhere else
We try to follow the tracks buried in grass
You just have to ask are we going somewhere?

We walked along the bottom of a dried up lake
Close to where your parents were born
Tonight you lie awake
Track Name: The Ave
The Ave

That bottle it’s a bible
That barstool it’s a pew
The barkeep he’s a priest
This tavern a church
Your waitress she’s not an angel
Your friends they’re lost souls

Friday night that’s the sabbath
God in your poisoned veins
Hey we’re all the same, how sad is that?
(how sad is that)

Maybe we should trade places
Spend some time in other shoes
I think we’d find it’s just as boring
As the life we choose

Blame it on your family blame it on your friends
The only god is routine don’t worry routine never ends
10 thousand fools stream down the ave
Cops beating girls while the crowds gather ‘round and laugh
Everyone looks then everyone leaves I’ve taken beatings for people who’ve
never been there for me
Think of me however you want, you stand in that crowd you’re just like that cop
You started the fire but you ran from the flames
If you believe in something you can take a little pain
Track Name: Vanity Shadows
Vanity Shadows

All your love is gone
All your love is gone

Did they tell you you were a special child an artist has begun
Did she say that was the best she ever had did you really believe that one?

All your love is gone

Oh my little atheist who never learned to read
Ambition sure looks great on you now try on this greed

Nothing you learned growing up taught you how to be a man
Find out what you believe in I really hope you can
I’m with you on the women I’m with you on the songs
But your friends are at the station and that train is long since gone

Oh my little punk rock saviour play us some guitar
This time sing us something that tells us who you really are

All your love is gone

Don’t say nothing you got nothing to say
It shines so bright up on that stage
I’ve got the light you’re praying for fame
I’m always in love you’re in love with your own name

I hope you find
What you’re looking for
Track Name: Holy Wars
Holy Wars

In my eyes you saw ‘I finish what I started’ and you sighed
Our memories are not enough to keep me here
I’m paralyzed but my eyes are open wide – don’t dare
Open the shutters I can’t trust myself to not jump out sleepwalking

And parallel to the beauty of this world runs all the pain

Our hearts conceive of some rapture when we truly, truly are
Nothing scares me more than thoughts of freedom
All I saw was flashing when I started losing you

I’m not listening to anything but truth now
The rest of it’s just static from the holy wars
Track Name: Christmas in E-Town
Christmas in E-Town

You were talking just talking when I wanted to dance
I said ok baby lets move to France
Oh well don’t we all
How about Montreal?

Christmas in the city brings rig pigs and cocaine
Money and murder suicide kills the pain
A late night greyhound ride
Chances are someone died

The coldest nights bring warmer dreams
Can’t help but smile what could it mean
We’re all in over our heads

We’re always falling in and out of luck
We’re always falling in and out of luck

Why should we feel ashamed?
It was a setup, we were framed

The sound of the siren gives me relief
It means everything’s working the way it’s supposed to be
The old, the young are giving out
The rest of us gripped with fear and doubt

So where you feel the warmest maybe somebody’s arms
Don’t forget forgiveness it’s all part of the charm
Of having a heart that’s still working
Be careful you never know where evil might be lurking

When you feel like the light has gone out of your eyes
It could be a ruse just a clever disguise
C’mon walk it of…walk it off, look alive

You let out a sigh late Christmas eve
Maybe you’re happy maybe you want to leave
This world behind
If you were a kid this shit would be blowing your mind

Don’t ever lose that part of you
Track Name: Scenes From a Marriage
Scenes from a Marriage

I piss on you in the shower wait for the eternal grin
Saint Walt Whitman’s in my bed again
We fall asleep on the landing
Babe you had it coming to you
Look what we’ve got ourselves into

All we’re sure of is dying
White noise black space mistakes
So strange to be alive

Your father figured he wouldn’t have anything to say
or do with you until his dying day
she picked me 11 daises
I know your favorite color’s blue
These look more like what I love in you

All we’re good for is living
Kindness hopeful madness
A broken paradise

We wipe ourselves with a towel
I reach across the bed the nightstand for water
Our mouths dry from giving head