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Went over to Ian's apartment off Saskatchewan Drive and 104th in Edmonton and started working on some chord changes in the bridge of a song called' Summer Days' that needed finessing - he had the music and I wrote some words to go with it. This was the first of many songs we worked on that tenderloin summer. More to come...

Two friends that love maj7th chords, Big Star, Talk Talk, American Football, Richard Price and well written guitar solos.


released March 21, 2016

All songs written by Ian Potts and Rick Reid (SOCAN).
Recorded in Edmonton AB and Victoria BC at Franktown Studios and Ian's apartment.



all rights reserved


Rick Reid Victoria, British Columbia

Songwriter, musician, singer, member of Eternal Husbands, The City Streets and Half Cut, dad, husband, film enthusiast, voracious reader, vegan, Chomsky devotee living in Victoria, Canada.

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Track Name: Summer Days
Some will say a summer day lends itself to forgiveness
more often that not
for all the pain winter has wrought

Lessons from shadows are never inscribed on monuments
they're only seen through a dream
etched on the dark side of our souls

be wary of the ordinary
get wise to their disguise
they'll find their way inside of all of us
they'll find their way inside of
all of us
there's nowhere left to go
there's nowhere left to go
but here

some might say a summer day sets itself up to fall
an ominous breeze blows down through the trees
Track Name: Tough Sleddin'
take over the jukebox in the middle of the day
we'll play the songs that drive everyone else in the bar away
she said he didn't matter, she didn't even wear a thong
but you liked him alright
baby you loved me wrong

I've got oxys and oxygen
in the forest pine trees smell like gin
I've got melodies so fine
Joni Mitchell and 'When You Were Mine'

take over the jukebox in the middle of the night
we're loud and messy but we don't fight
we play the songs that make you want to dance and cry
at the same time

it's the great unexplainable feeling
that great unexplainable feeling

she thought she had an ugly shadow that followed her around
wore a little fury mask the starlings flit around
mocking her every sound
with all their shades of blue
in the gin forest
they're on to you

I picked the whole record for you
it's 'Self Titled' by Third Eye Blind
we'll take all their dirty looks
and turn them into a good time
Track Name: The Girl with the Slipknot Tattoo
I'd surmise you've got eyes
10 perfect windows still you crash through my door

I've put my life on hold
(to not die)

finally the agony
whose house, another cat-piss couch
this ain't me
Bradley's on the microphone with Ras M.G.

the black sleep
there's no dreams,
no rest
well -
should I be impressed?

I've put my life on hold
(to not die)
Track Name: '03

"I've been searching - searching fore to find
Anything to fill this empty mind
& I keep coming back to '03
Your body so athletic
Your tastes so unrefined
I didn't care about that
Because you made me laugh
& made me feel human for a while…

"What's wrong with me today
Reflections fucked by fountain spray
& my thoughts always turn back to you
Out tanning on the beach
With the best of friends
But where the fuck am I
Smoking cigs to pass the time
Dreaming of the warmth of your body….


"Though he actually makes you happy
Sometimes you still think about me
Or am I just projecting…."

Probably never let you know